It's Time For A Refresh

A little over five years ago I began creating under the title Studio Forty Nine. At the time, the title was merely intended to be a signature that held personal meaning, but nothing more. As time went on various ideas began taking shape as to what Studio Forty Nine could become, but nothing stuck. Almost two years ago I began making something of my ideas by turning Studio Forty Nine into a wedding videography business, with a few added extras. A few logos were made and a website was assembled, but nothing ever felt coherent. There needed to be an identity set in place that tied in everything that the name Studio Forty Nine encompassed. Someplace that brought every short film, piece of interactive content, and digital media together to feel coherent.

I’m happy to announce that after many months of experimentation and fine tuning, Studio Forty Nine will receive a new brand identity. This means Studio Forty Nine will no longer be limited to wedding films and short videos, but rather new forms of art and digital media will have a place under the title. This also means that content will have a single home with a consistent style and philosophy. Having consistency across these two points is key to making all of the pieces to this puzzle come together.

With all of this being said, I can’t wait to share the new additions and changes that have been in the works when the new identity is officially launched. Please keep a look out as the new changes begin unfolding and stay tuned for an official announcement on the blog.

Thank you!