Studio Forty Nine



Back in March, I was contacted by an artist named Natalie Selsor. During that joyous time of college midterms, creativity remained absent from my life. While speaking with a friend over lunch, I had exclaimed my immense craving for creativity -- It would be a few short days after this conversation that Natalie had emailed me with a request. 

Her request was quite simple; to create a trailer for her latest collection of artwork. However, her email contained two words that immediately struck me: art and story (these two words would later greet the viewer of the final film). I was ecstatic, to say the least, but I told myself to remain in control of my professionalism during our coffee talk...that control slowly slipped away just moments into our conversation.

Natalie's story struck me from the moment she began speaking. It was as if her story of stepping away from the comfort of a stable job and into what she loves was the epitome of inspiration and motivation. I was in awe at her bravery and dedication in her transition to becoming a full-time artist. Not only was her story beyond compelling, but she had been one of the kindest and most passionate individuals I've ever met. I knew after my very last sip of coffee that I was in for an unforgettable project; a project that needed to fully encapsulate Natalie's individual story of pure inspiration.

After months of writing, shooting, and editing, the film before you has reached a state of completion. As with any project, hitting export on a film is like an expected, yet unwelcome farewell. I hate seeing this project come to an end, but I'm beyond pleased for you to experience this absolutely wonderful story.

To check out Natalie's artwork, visit her website here.

Enjoy ❤