Each package is tailored to a client's wedding day as they build upon the foundation package using our wide array of add-ons. It should be noted that the average client spends roughly $2000 on their final package. Below are the various items that are offered:

The Wedding Movie is a 30-90 minute film which includes the ceremony, cake-cutting, speeches, first dances, and tosses. This film includes multiple camera angles which are cut together with a documentary style set in chronological order. This film is best for reliving your day in its entirety during an extended sitting. 

The Wedding Trailer is a 5-10 minute short film that tells the story of your wedding day with our artistic style. It tells your story with care and perfection, while being coupled with our unique touch. It’s perfect for reliving memories in a short sitting and for sharing with others. 

A convenient space at the reception will be used for a professionally lit interview booth for guests to share some special words. This add-on will be made into a separate film to be watched and enjoyed.

A professional cinematographer will capture the special moments of your day to be uploaded immediately to social media under a unique hashtag of your choosing. This is great for guests unable to attend to view the day in next to real time.

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