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Please provide the number of hours needed beyond the 8 hours provided in the base package (each additional hour is $75). If no more than 8 hours are needed, then please leave the below area blank.
The Wedding Movie is a 30-90 minute film which includes the ceremony, cake-cutting, speeches, first dances, and tosses.
Please specify the number of hours required for a second cinematographer. If this option is not required, then you may leave this section blank. You may also specify if you'd like the second cinematographer for just the ceremony or just the reception.
A convenient space at the reception will be used for a professionally lit interview booth so that guests can say a few words to the bride and groom.
A professional cinematographer will capture the special moments of your day to be uploaded immediately to social media under a unique hashtag of your choosing. This is great for guests unable to attend to view the day in next to real time.
All unedited footage will be saved and delivered on a flash drive for you to watch and keep.
A disc package contains the disc, case, and wooden box.
Please note a disc package must be purchased in order to buy additional discs. Additional discs come with either a DVD or Blu-ray and a case.
The appropriate invoice will be emailed depending upon the selection below.